The Hydro-Pro 150® spray nozzle is constructed with a stainless steel housing for strength and durability, yet this solid, water saver nozzle weighs less than 2 lbs. and is ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue. In addition to being extremely lightweight, the HP-150 features a patented locking trigger mechanism that allows users to lock in a desired spray pattern without having to maintain pressure on the trigger. It also reduces misdirected spraying.

Locking trigger maintains spray pressure and reduces hand fatigue
Nylon cover resists cracks and abrasions
Stay cool technology even when hot water (up to 200ºF) is in use
Maximum working pressure 150psi (10 BAR)
Maximum recommended operating temperature (200º Farenheit / 93º Celsius)

Strahman HYDRO-PRO 150® Ergonomic Spray Nozzle


Weighing less than two pounds and ergonomically designed, the Hydro Pro-150 will handle those long, tough washdown applications with ease. Strahman’s patented locking trigger mechanism and safety shut-off helps to minimize hand fatigue and automatically shuts water off keeping the operator safe if the nozzle is accidentally dropped. Body is made from stainless steel. Replaceable covers are available in various colors.

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